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The decision to keep properties original leads is becoming very popular with both customers & installers alike. This is a process that allows the original lead to be encased inside a double glazed unit.

The advantage to this process is no more oxidising or peeling of surface lead, no more draughts, & the added advantage of acoustic insulation. This will also reduce the opportunity of condensation forming & makes the unit easy to clean.

Please bear in mind that if you choose encapsulation as an option the original glass will need to be made 26mm smaller than the double glazed unit required. This may involve cutting the genuine lead down in the width & height. Some patterns will have to be cut down on all four sides to even the pattern out, however some patterns may need one, & two or three sides cut back. Please bear in mind that you may lose the flow of the pattern if you have a continuous design.

Re-bordering will also be required in most cases for this process unless the units have a deep beading 25mm or more to cover the old border OR the units are being installed bigger than they came out.

We can also make most patterns bigger with our discontinued matching service.

As this is a hand cleaning process every effort is made to clean up 40 to 80 years of paint & putty build up this is not always possible & may leave the encapsulation looking dirty around the edge.

In some cases the genuine glass will be cracked & the lead work may be damaged. We aim to use seamless repair matching wherever possible, although some patterns are now discontinued.

The smallest encapsulation we can make up is 20mm deep, 4 x 12 x 4.

We do NOT recommend any coated glass for this process as the minimum optimum for these types of glass to work is 16mm clear depth.

The thinnest Encapsulate we can do as a DGU is 24mm. We do NOT recommend any type of coated glass or gas filling a DGU as the minimum optimum for air cavity is a clear 24mm, although we are happy to comply with your orders.

We hold a large stock of Reclaimed Glass panels if you are looking for new pieces. These can be reduced or extended to your size requirements.