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Every item we supply is commissioned to order with artistry & quality. We hope you will be delighted with your order but would like to draw your attention to the following:-

  • Whilst every attempt is made to complete the perfect commission, colours/sizes & proportions may vary on each item due to your product being handmade.
  • Once the preliminary design & colours have been applied, you will have the opportunity to review the design of your commission to confirm colours & design prior to the works being finalised. Once works are completed, any alterations to the agreed works will incur further charges. Please also note that any alterations to the works may take longer to complete as they will need to be re-scheduled.
  • Films & textures may vary slightly in shade from the swatch provided/chosen. When applied, films may carry slight misting or air bubble flaws in the colour. This is normal for hand generated coloured films.
  • Some streaky or wisp films have a clear streak through the design. This is not a flaw in the film simply a clear flash in the film. We cannot determine this until applied & as this is part of the film sheet we are under no obligation to replace it. This is normal for hand generated coloured films.
  • Bevels are hand cut so may vary slightly & may not always have seam straight edges. Air bubbles may be visible under the bevel due to the surface of your chosen glass not being flat.
  • Toughened glass is heat fired so upon application bevels & films may separate slightly from the glass if it does not have a perfectly flat surface.
  • Encapsulated units will be cleaned, repaired & restored as close to the original design as possible. Minor variations may be visible but unavoidable if original glass, colours & textures are discontinued. Although original leadlites will be cleaned as far as reasonably practicable, historic dust may become visible over time.
  • Sandblasted effect glass film may not have a uniform look as there may be slight variations when applied.
  • Where ‘Regasheen’ blackening product has been applied to lead work, it may need to be re-applied depending on your location & surrounding areas. Failure to carry out this process may result in discolouration of the lead surface. If left untreated, the lead could discolour & appear like a rust colour. Please note that lead cannot rust.
  • Soldered joints. When solder is applied to lead work, it will appear shiny initially. The colour will dull over time depending on location & conditions. As solder is applied by hand, all solder points will vary in shape, size and content. This is normal for any hand applied product.
  • Cloth or Foil glazing tape is applied to all double glazed units supplied by Beautiful Glass by Design. This acts as a moisture barrier protecting the edge sealant. If this tape is removed from the unit it will void the warranty.
  • Commissioned items carry a non-refundable deposit unless faulty. (See Glass & Glazing Federation (GGF) terms & conditions).
  • Any glazing dimensions provided will be accepted as correct at time of submission. It is your responsibility to ensure the given sizes have taken into consideration fitting tolerances where applicable.
  • All templates must be supplied on hard wood & are taken as glazing sizes unless specified clearly otherwise.
  • Beautiful Glass by Design uses our own recommended independent fitters. All fitting costs are set according to our & their guidelines. When removing frames every care is taken to cause minimal damage however plaster & render may fall away or sometimes become loose. The fitters are not responsible for any making good. If you require them to carry out any further service this is a contract between you & the fitter.
  • All sales are made in line with the Consumer Rights Act 2015.